Website monitoring. Does your website provider do that? Think again.

Today, website providers for auto dealers offer a number of services outside of hosting a dealer’s website. Many of those services include monitoring services like SEO audits, website analysis, backlink checkers, broken link checkers, and more. But, how does it all really work? In many cases, unmanned automation does the work including creating title tags, metadata and other important attributes to a website. Does that benefit your website? Maybe. But it depends on who is watching.

Who’s really watching your dealership website?

Large website providers have many resources and services to sell you, but monitoring isn’t their strong suit. Customer service is often geared towards upselling additional services rather than monitoring what you already have on your website. And exactly what is it that needs monitoring? Frankly, everything!

Webpages or the widgets within them can stop working due to a global upgrade or some other reason. Often times, neither the dealer nor the web provider representative is aware of the affect that the changes had on a website. Forms can stop working. Payment calculators might stop functioning. Metadata like title tags and descriptions might start being duplicated on all new pages. In some cases, the title tags and metadata couple be completely wiped clean, leaving only black spaces or defaulted tokens in its place. None of this is good for your website.

Dealership Website Monitoring Services

Dealer Jumpstart offers monitoring services that are done by both humans and automated scanners. These services can audit your website for broken links, missing metadata, and more. We can provide you with a detailed report that includes the areas of concern, and we also offer services to fix many of the issues that commonly plague dealerships.

Dealers who are savvy enough to witness these malfunctions have often times gone to an outside source who can provide website monitoring and auditing services. Dealer Jumpstart offers services like website analysis that includes monitoring the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) in addition to our automated software services that check for things like broken links and missing metadata. Dealer Jumpstart can also provide custom automotive content with optimized SEO to help you better index for search terms that are meaningful to your dealership’s online presence.

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