SEO for your Dealership

What good is a webpage if a search engine doesn’t know what it is about? This happens when the SEO of a website is neglected, or even worse, completely forgotten about. Dealerships need to have proper title tags, metadata descriptions, and internal link structure to be relevant the search engines. Have you customized your website’s title tags? Many dealerships continue to have title tags that say ‘Homepage’ instead of ‘Chicago Used Car Dealership’. Dealer web providers are not responsible for altering your metadata. It is up to you as the dealer to edit it or outsource the work to an agency who can so that the proper metadata can be put in place.

Dealer Jumpstart can help you with the tedious process of entering metadata on the primary pages of your website. We will make sure that the metadata content is relevant to the webpage so that it gives you the best opportunity to index in the search engines. Dealer Jumpstart will replace the variable SEO text that is often provided as a placeholder by dealership website providers.

Internal and External Linking

Internal and external linking structure is also important within a website. Webpages should flow, allowing customers to move from page to page with ease and with links created in the body of the website content. Dealer Jumpstart will use anchor text that is as natural as possible, keeping the readability high and your customers on your website. Linking relevant content within a webpage creates a positive user experience and increases time on your website. This tells search engines that your content is relevant to those who find it. This increases your websites authority.

Dealer Jumpstart has SEO packages available for you as well as other packages that complement SEO marketing such as automotive content writing as well as website analysis, which provides traffic reporting using Google Analytics. Contact Dealer Jumpstart for more information.